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Airport Transfers WSM

Privacy Policy

In this statement, we want to let you know why we collect different types of your private and personal information, how we use it and how we protect it.
It is written in plain English so you don’t need an expensive person to decipher it.

This policy is broken down into the following parts:
1. Who we are
2. The information we collect from you
3. Why we collect your information
4. How we use your information
5. How long we keep your information
6. Who has access to your information
7. How we keep your information safe and secure
8. Your rights
9. Your complaints
10. Changes to this policy

1. Who we are

We are Airport Transfers WSM, registered with and licenced by North Somerset Council. Our Private Hire Vehicle Operators Licence Number is OP0030.
We provide longer distance journeys to and from anywhere in Britain, specialising in Airport ansd Seaport transfers.

2. The information we collect from you

The kind of information we collect is your name, address, phone numbers, where you travel from and to, any assistance you may require due to medical and health problems.
We may also collect debit/credit card numbers.

3. Why we collect your information

There are two main reasons for us to collect your information;
a. To provide a high level of service for the service you have booked, or someone has booked for you.
b. Due to legal obligations and procedures imposed on us by HM Revenue and North Somerset Council.

4. How we use your information

We use your information within our firm or to report to official or governmental organisations.

5. How long we keep your information

We keep much of your information, if you are a regular customer, or if we believe you may book with us in the future.
A lot of information we are required to keep legally for examination are required to be kept permanently.
Financial information, such as debit/credit cards numbers are only kept until the immediate transaction has been completed and then destroyed or deleted.

6. Who has access to your information

We keep your information centrally and pass what is necessary to the driver who is allocated to carry out your service. That driver must keep that information permanently for legal reasons.
Access to your information is also legally required by the Police, HM Revenue and North Somerset Council.

7. How we keep your information safe and secure

Your information is either kept on computer devices or paper diaries.
When we are working on or with your information, complete care is personally taken to ensure no one ever sees that information.
When we are not using your information, it is kept within secure premises where there is no public access. Any driver with your information will also take those same security measures.
Our computer devices are protected by Norton and maintained by PC World.
Our mobile devices are secured by Norton and necessary repairs or maintenance are carried out securely by the firm those devices are provided by and registered with.

8. Your rights

You have the right to find out what information of yours, we are keeping.
You have the right to instruct us to delete or destroy your information. We will tell you what we can destroy and what we are legally bound to keep.
You have the right to have any inaccurate information corrected.

9. Complaints

If you believe your information has been misused by us, you can initially make contact with our Data Protection Officer.
Your first contact in this matter would be to email us with your complaint and after your complaint has been investigated, you will be contacted at your convenience.
If you are not satisfied with our response, you are at liberty to report the matter to ‘The Information Commisioners Office at – www.ico.org.uk’

10. Changes to this privacy policy

Any changes to this policy will be notified on this web site and detailed at the end of this policy.
We may change this police:
a. When we are required to by law.
b. If we discover an inaccuracy.
c. If a customer raises a point which could be explained in a better way.
The up to date version of this Privacy Policy will always be posted here on this web site.